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What Our Customers are Saying

A new Perspective of Time


Gift for out of town niece. Liked it I could go on The Watch Store look up gifts for age and sex of child. Have done this several times for Xmas and birthdays. Always find something unique they like.

Declan Fletcher


I got these for my 3 and 4 year old daughters because although they can’t tell time, they wanted to wear watches like their big brothers. These are really cute, come in a sweet box they like to keep them in and are perfect for tiny wrists.

Brandon Summers


Good quality watch. Nice Watches no rough edges. My son ware’s it comfortably and loved his so we purchased this for our friend‘S daughter. Perfect for them in the process of learning to tell Time from analog watch. I would recommend

Joe Schofield


This is a great watch, it comes with the paper cut out with the long and short hand so that you can teach a child to learn to tell time. My granddaughter loves it and when she is over she will wear the watch and learn to read it. They are now learning to do that in Grade 1.

Jamie Brooks


Love it. My 3 year old is obsessed with my watch. We wanted to give her one of her own. Love the adjustability of the strap for her little wrists. Love the minutes placement to help her understand time as she grows.

Joshua Day